Saturday, November 12, 2016 By: Vedasree


Om Sree Saayinaadhaaya Namaha

"God manifests Himself in different forms.  Even as a human form.  He manifests Himself at different places, at different times with different levels of consciousness."

"A human soul is generally born with the experience of same paths or religions, he had adopted in the earlier lives.  However, in certain cases in the next life he is born of parents of a different religion from the one he had adopted in earlier life.  The past lives' experiences, even if he does not remember, do manifest as a part of his behaviors thinking and conduct in the later life.  Thus, some people go back to their earlier path due to such 'samskara' or if the jiva gets saturated with the experience of one path, they get into another path.  While doing so people may think logically of having done a volitional act of having changed a religion or a path, but in the ultimate analysis, this thinking process itself is pre-ordained due to past Karmas, ;which generate clear cut propensities in human minds.  Experiences of the earlier lives at times propel us to have the same experiences in this life also"

Shirdi Sai Baba said, SAB KA MALIK EK, ALLAH MALIK.  Allah Means GOD.  In other words LORD or  Supreme Soul.  Creator of this Universe Knowing God is not  easy to any  human being. that is way all the Saints stated first know one's self . once  human being knows about himself, he will never dispute with other human being merely stating that particular incarnation of God is only Lord or ask others to trust and convert in to other Religions.  Hinduism never asked people to come to their Religion or path. Our Saints will give discourses about the Lord as Omnipotent, Omnipresence and Omniscience and explained the very concept of the Avatars in order to uplift mankind and re-establish dharma.


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