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శ్రీ శ్రీ శ్రీ ద్వారకామయి షిర్డీసాయి సేవా సత్స౦గ౦ - 56 (కమిటీ సభ్యుల చేరిక. ముఖ్యా౦శాల చర్చ)

(Registered No. 158 / 2012)
KPHB Colony,
Hyderabad – 500 072

                                                            No. SSDSSSS/HYD/12-13/ Date: 23.06.2013

Minutes of the E.C. Meeting

We are pleased to inform all the Devotees of Lord Shirdi Sainath and members of our Satsang that as per the scheduled program, we have convened Executive Committee Meeting on 23.06.2013 (Sunday) at 5.00 p.m. and the following resolutions have been passed with the consent of all the office bearers.

Office Bearers & other well wishes attended:

1. N. Surya Prakash, President
2. M.V.V. Subhash, Vice President
3. VVV Satyanarayana, Genl. Secretary
4. S. VasudevaSastry, Treasurer and other E.C. Members

The following decisions / resolutions have been passed during the meeting:

1. Reviewed all the activities done after the 1st EC Meeting held on 20.08.2012.

2. So far at the residences of devotees 10 Sastangs conducted and for the 1st time 10th Satsang has been done in holy place Pitapuram, East Godavari  District, Andhra Pradesh.

3. Financial position – Till date with full trust & loyalty whatever offerings received and deposited in the Current Account of the Satsang is Rs.2,30,000/- and out of which during the February, 2013 Rs.2,00,000/- (Rupees two lakhs only) has been made Fixed Deposit and remaining is available in the Account. The Fixed Deposited has been accepted by all the Members unanimously after hearing the future course of action and the same is ratified during the E.C. Meeting.

4. The proposal for filling up of the vacant Office bearers posts in the Committee has been brought to the notice of all the members present, discussed and unanimously elected the following members/devotees to the respective posts:

Shri M.V.V. Subhash, Vice President
Shri Rudra PeddiRaju, Executive Committee Member
Shri P. Babu, Executive Committee Member

With this now we have fully dedicated Committee and the very purpose of Satsang and its devotional, reforming activities will be taken up to do the service to the people and society in the name of Lord Shirdi Sainath.

Meeting is very cordial and enthusiastically completed.

                                                                      GENERAL SECRETARY / PRESIDENT

                                                                                             VVSN    &    NSP